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Reconstruction: Day 2

Today's lesson (a repeat actually): there is never enough time in a day. I went on a brunch date and drive, I rented a locker at the gym and stashed it with workout clothes and gear, I purchased juicing ingredients, I finished organizing all my … [Continue reading]

Reconstruction: Day 1

For the first day of 2017, it's been productive. I set all my intention on organizing for the new year and setting goals. After a hearty New Years breakfast and a small mimosa, I bundled up and walked to the Dancing Lotus for a yoga seminar … [Continue reading]

Starting Over After Assault and Trauma

How I am reclaiming my life, my health, and my fitness In November 2012, I ran into the top three percent of female finishers in my first half marathon. The next month I was certified and working as a personal trainer. Shortly thereafter, I was … [Continue reading]

Kale Watermelon Salad

My friends Nina and Christian Elliot at TRUE Health and Wholeness in Arlington, Virginia fed me this salad multiple times at their home. It was love at first bite. Who would have thunk it? Watermelon, olives, feta cheese, kale - surely those … [Continue reading]

Turkey Wrapped Asparagus

Turkey Wrapped Asparagus with Laughing Cow Cheese is a great addition to any summer picnic basket. This simple recipe for a healthy and delectable finger food doesn't even require cooking, just assembly! The fiberful asparagus is coupled perfectly … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Diet: The Finale

After writing The Perfect Diet: Part 1 and The Perfect Diet: Part 2, I had no answer to my own question. How now shall I eat? So, I set out of an adventure, left the Shire behind, and……. Here’s what I’ve come to learn along my journey – a journey … [Continue reading]

Become a Yes Person

They say psychologists say it takes 28 days to break or build a habit. Others say 21 days or 30 days. “Is this true Amber, or just mere folklore?” Not totally sure, but word is that the origin of said legend comes from a 1960 psychology book by … [Continue reading]

Join my Sunset Bootcamp in Roatan!

A New Fitness Class in French Cay Ditch the gym and enjoy a Roatan sunset as you learn to exercise outdoors using everyday equipment and bodyweight exercises. Take in the sights and sounds of beautiful French Cay as you work out with friends—old … [Continue reading]

Major Muscle Groups: Arms, Chest, Shoulders

Though we have hundreds of muscles in our body, most of which are secondary supporting muscles, in order to design a good strength training program, we need to focus our attention on our primary, voluntary muscles. This means we’ll have to volunteer … [Continue reading]

Cranberry Kale Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

The Truth About Kale There is so much to say about kale. So much so that I'm going to let someone else do it. This is the part of the post where I refer you to WebMD - the online source to visit for helpful facts about food as well as an excellent … [Continue reading]