Live to Eat Well, Exercise, Be Well in Mind and Body

Fitness Philosophy

Prescription for Fun

Sometimes, what people need most on their journey towards fitness is a simple prescription for fun. The grownup world can be a stressful and boring place. And we medicate and entertain with two health abducting, sedentary habits – food and digital media. Food. TV. Food. Computer. Food. Movies. Food. Video Games. Food.

As soon as you get your first big girl, big boy job, it’s as though the Pillsbury Doughboy pays a visit to your home for a pep talk and says, “Congratulations son, you’re all grown up now. To celebrate your right of passage into adulthood, I give to you a universal remote control and a pair of slippers. From this point on, you will be doomed to spend the little spare time that you have watching television and wandering about the house until you die.” He’ll continue to drop by every few years and bring additional gifts like hypertension, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, back pain, depression, and more. So generous!

Don’t let life happen to you! Get moving – and have a little fun while you’re at it! Try something new or revisit something you used to love doing as a youngster. Go paddle boarding, take a hike, hit the slopes, climb a wall, grab a racket, sign up for a triathlon, join a bocce ball league, skinny dip, lace up some roller skates, strap on a harness, throw your body out of a plane. Live. And life will probably surprise you with how marvelous it is when you’re playing on the court and not watching from the sidelines.

Friend or Foe?

And all these fun, physical activities are more fun when you are fit. This is where exercise comes into play. So what if you look good in skinny jeans and high heels at your high school reunion or you can impress all your friends with bulging biceps and handstand pushups over the beer keg, but you don’t run, jump, play, toss the frisbee, climb trees, or go camping? What’s the point? It’s perfectly normal and desirable to want to be fit and attractive, but sex appeal can only earn you so much happiness before it disappoints you. To be strong, energetic, flexible, confident, hearty, and able to lead an adventurous, active life – these are the rewards available to people who consistently exercise.

Though let’s be honest, exercise is not always fun. It can be, and the better you get at it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Sometimes, though, it’s just plain, raw, hard work. But like cold medicine or flu shots, it is beneficial – both for immediate results and preventative purposes. Those plain, raw, hard workouts are just a means of enjoying life more fully, doing what you love better and faster and higher and longer. Those sprint intervals, bicep curls, and long runs suddenly don’t seem so bad after your energy levels start to soar, you cross that finish line, you slip on that little, black dress, your back pain goes away, and kids declare you the most fun grown up ever. Eventually, you’ll crave that “good sore” feeling after a killer workout.