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Personal Training Denver


Personal Training Helena. My name is Amber Johnson and I am a certified personal trainer in Helena, Montana. I have been teaching, mentoring, and training students of all ages for sixteen years.

As a certified personal trainer, a certified intuitive eating counselor, AND a personal chef, I bring a unique approach to working with clients. 1.) I am trained and certified in the science and practice of exercise. 2.) I am trained and certified in the psychology and practice of self care, eating, mindfulness, exercise, and body shame and acceptance. 3.) And I am well-versed in nutritional science and well-practiced in the kitchen. Not only do I help my clients exercise, test, and strengthen their bodies, but their minds, emotions, and habits as well.

I offer personal training services for apparently healthy individuals or individuals cleared for exercise by a physician. Services provided include optional health assessments, Intuitive Eating counseling, SMART habit development, exercise prescriptions, nutritional consulting, fitness training, wellness coaching, follow-ups, reassessments, and relapse prevention planning. This comprehensive and holistic approach to personal training makes me the optimal choice when hiring an exercise professional.

Whether your main fitness goal is to lose weight, strengthen and improve joint function, tone up, improve balance, increase lean muscle mass, or train for a race or event – I can write you an exercise prescription that will help you meet that goal, counsel and motivate you to become an Intuitive Eater, and coach you through training sessions which are specific to your personal needs, abilities, and desires.

Training Locations

I train clients in-home, outdoors. or in the gym for 50 minute sessions and my rates are incredibly affordable and competitive. Background check available to clients. Please Contact Me to make arrangements. All packages include nutritional and eating behavior counseling and motivational coaching via email and phone.

Training Rates and Packages:
Individual Training: 50 Minute Sessions
  • Jumpstart 4 Pack – $150.00
  • 12 Sessions – $600.00 ($50/session)
  • 24 Sessions – $1080.00 ($45/session)
  • 48 Sessions – $1920.00 ($40/session)
Partner Training: 50 Minute Sessions
  • Jumpstart 4 Pack – $200.00
  • 12 Sessions – $.00 (960$40 per person/per session)
  • 24 Sessions – $1680.00 ($35 per person/per session)
You’re Worth It

Working with a personal trainer is one of the most effective methods for achieving your health and fitness goals. Your trainer is your coach and can drive you to run faster, go harder, and train smarter than you would on your own. And if you’re relatively new or have little experience in the realm of exercise or sports training, your coach is there to ensure that you are exercising with proper form, frequency, and intensity – so that you avoid injury and don’t waste your precious time and effort. Your trainer also serves as a great source of encouragement and accountability where your diet is concerned.

Cost is the biggest hurdle that keeps people from making the jump and committing to personal training. I do not advocate sacrificing financial health in pursuit of physical health, as there are few things more notorious for destroying physical health then the stress of financial chaos. However, I do believe you can prioritize your finances to equip you with the means to buy personal training sessions. If your goal is to lower your blood pressure, train for a race, or lose 30 pounds, prioritize spending habits to help you get there. Turn off the cable television, don’t eat out so much, make your coffee at home, bike more and drive less, cut out the booze, and don’t buy clothes for a body you don’t like. These are lifestyle habits that will increase the size of your bank account while decreasing the size of your waistline. Weigh the cost, make the sacrifice, and commit. Put your money where your mouth is. You’re worth it!

Personal Training Certifications

Personal Trainer Certification – American College of Sports Medicine

AED/CRP Certification (December 2017)