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Personal Chef Services and Cooking Lessons

Personal Chef CollageI provide in-home personal chef, cooking instruction, and nutritional consultation services to individuals and families in the Helena, Montana. Specializing in nutrient-dense, fiber-heavy menus, I cook with real ingredients to create body-loving food. More often then not, I prefer to use ethically-raised and harvested meats and fish, free range dairy and eggs, natural sweeteners, local and seasonal produce, and fiberful beans, whole grains, and nuts. (But neither do I shy away from the occasional use of refined flours and sugars to create decadent treats for special occasions.)

To begin, I sit down with clients to access their needs and preferences in order to produce a unique and appropriate menu that is personalized for each individual or family. Please Contact Me to set up an appointment.

In-Home Personal Chef Services

So, you want to eat better, more delicious food in-home, but you don’t have the time or the know-how? Do you want to lose weight or lower your cholesterol with a better diet, but you’re not sure what to eat or where to start? No problem. That’s where I come in – literally into your home, your refrigerator, and your cupboards. Depending on your needs and preferences, I can whip up delicious meals for you and your family that will leave you satisfied and well-nourished throughout the week. (Background check and references available.)

Weekly Prep (Flat Rate) – Menu Development, Grocery Shopping, and Travel: $60
In-Kitchen Hourly Rate: $35

In-Home Cooking Lessons

Once you get home from the grocery store, now what do you do with all your delicious, real ingredients? Over the course of two hours, learn to cook tasty, nutrient-dense food from scratch; learn tips and trick to cut needless calories and increase flavor and nutrition. Tailored specifically to your favorite food and cuisines. Recipes provided. (Background check and references provided. Familiarity with non-disclosure agreements.)

2 Hour Cooking Lesson (Includes Recipe Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Travel Compensation): $125

Navigate the Grocery

In this 50 minute tour of the local grocery store of your choice, you will learn to reject diet foods, make smart substitutions, and learn to shop for and buy real food that brings you both health and pleasure.

Tour Rate: $50 (Includes Transportation Fee)


Reinvent Your Pantry

In this three hour pantry makeover, I will help you completely reinvent your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer with wholesome, usable ingredients. Included is a field trip to the local grocery store.

Pantry Makeover: $120 (Includes Transportation Fee)


Cooking Background

Just 19 years old, a Spanish-language student in Costa Rica, and a complete novice in the kitchen, I asked my Tica mama for her secret to creating great food. “Amor,” she said. And so began my love-affair with cooking. Gradually, I abandoned canned ravioli, iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing, and boxed cereal for the more labor-intensive, more delicious, more rewarding home-cooked meal. Ethnic food in all its glorious variety fascinated me. And as I matured and started to take my health and body composition into account, I began the work of educating myself in the science of nutrition and translated those lessons into edible and (usually) delicious experiments in the kitchen. Fixing vegetable and fiber-heavy foods with heart-healthy fats, muscle-building proteins, and incredible flavors became the key ingredient to my own weight-loss and improved metabolic health and athletic performance. But cooking for me is not just a means to an end. It is a cathartic, joyful expression of life at its best – flavorful, healthful, colorful, and full of love for the people gathered around the table.

I am not a professionally trained chef or culinary school graduate. And neither is Ina Garten, Rachel Ray, Charlie Trotter, and other great cooks who haven’t been made famous via food television. As history has proved over and over again, you don’t need a license or certificate to be a great artist. A lot of practice and a generous portion of “amor” make for great food.

Certifications & Licenses

Food Handler Safety Certificate – TX (11/11/15)

Seller/Server Certificate – Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Approved (11/11/15)