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Reconstruction: Day 1

For the first day of 2017, it’s been productive. I set all my intention on organizing for the new year and setting goals.
After a hearty New Years breakfast and a small mimosa, I bundled up and walked to the Dancing Lotus for a yoga seminar called, “New Year, New Intention”. After a physical practice focusing on heart and hit openers, we moved into a written exercise where we scripted our 2017 Sankalpas. “Sankalpa means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will.”
My 2017 Sankapla reads, “I am joyful and content in my station of life and filled with hope and energy as I embrace today and look to the future with great expectation.” We then entered into a time of guided meditation. I fell asleep and woke myself up with a short burst of snoring. Must have been that mimosa. Also a great reminder of why I sleep on my side. I’m not sure I got much out of that section apart from a sweet nap. We capped off the seminar with a cupful of delicious black-eyed peas (for good luck in the new year).
I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing my apartment. I organized my bureau, desk, closet, and bookshelf. And I created a wall filled with white boards and a calendar in my bedroom as a means to conquer my goals. Tomorrow, I put finishing touches on my master plan. Mwahahahahaha.
To conclude the evening, my friend Amy came over for dinner and we worked through our goals together, with plans to reevaluate them in early summer. It was incredibly encouraging to have a partner in crime during this goal-setting session.
Tomorrow looks to be a full day; one finale full day to get my ducks in a row before I return to work.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful attitude for the year ahead. I opened my New Year’s time capsule and saw that I had written out last year the beautiful verse, “Return to your fortress, o prisoner of hope.” Here’s to living fully into hope! Love you and so proud of your journey of healing and hope.

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