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Reconstruction: Day 2

Today’s lesson (a repeat actually): there is never enough time in a day. I went on a brunch date and drive, I rented a locker at the gym and stashed it with workout clothes and gear, I purchased juicing ingredients, I finished organizing all my paperwork, I tore down and packed up my Christmas tree and decorations, I loosely filled out my monthly calendar, I had a movie date, and I juiced those ingredients. Yet why do I feel like I could have been more productive? Because I am conditioned to believe I should be able to do it all and still have a clean house. Hell, and I don’t even have kids. Or a pet. This is where I breathe deep, exhale all those unrealistic expectations, and leave that pile of clean clothes in the same place it has been for the last four days.

Thankfulness: Today, I am thankful for my beautiful apartment. This is the first time I’ve lived alone in over ten years. And I decorated it from top to bottom! It’s a cozy, beautiful one-bedroom apartment in a historic mansion – a sanctuary where I get to relearn to live and function without never-ending stress, sadness, and fear. Huzzah!

P.S. I forgot to include kale in my juice. Only a tragedy a fellow kale lover will fully understand…

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