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Reconstruction: Day 22

Soooo, I traveled to Austin, Texas for both work and play over the last ten days. I prioritized time with my family and friends in the evenings instead of updating my blog. Sorry not sorry. I spent quality time with my beloved family, saw a lot of friends, attended a great conference on sexual assault response and prevention on college campuses, ate lots of great food, and attended the Women’s March on ATX. A successful, delightful trip. I’m writing this post from the Salt Lake City airport during a very looooong layover.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I strained my foot in early January, and took time off of high-impact exercise to let it rest and recover. Good news. Pain is 98% gone, which means I can hit the ground running (literally) tomorrow again.

Also, to make my daily/every other daily journals more useful to my fitness and weight-loss goals, I’m beginning to think I might also include a food journal. We shall see.

I’ll be happy to be home tonight in my own bed and take on my health and fitness goals starting again tomorrow. As Austin original Matthew McConaughey would say, “Alright, Alright, Alright….”

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