Live to Eat Well, Exercise, Be Well in Mind and Body

Reconstruction: Day 3

I love to walk. I don’t care if it’s freezing (as long as I’m bundled up) or if it’s humid or if it’s hot. I love a nice walk outside with the fresh air and sunshine. Walking is my first love in fitness; it was my gateway drug. As they say, you have to walk before you run. And as I told my friend Karina in October, the healthiest people in the world are walkers. (And moderate drinkers.)

I walked to work. I took a fifteen minute break to walk outside and stretch my legs while at work. I walked to the gym after work. I walked home from the gym. I love to walk. Granted, the roads in Helena resemble somewhat of an ice rink right now, so my walking has been particularly dainty as of late. But that’s all about to change, because I just bought some ICEtrekkers! They are like braces for the bottom of your shoes, helping you dig into ice and snow like a boss and stay upright. (I slipped and fell in the middle of the road during rush hour last month. I thought it was funny.)

It was a great day. I did good by myself, I ate well, and I killed it at the gym. And that pile of clean clothes laying on my floor? It’s still there and it’s going to stay there, because I’m tired and hitting the pillow. Good night world wide web, good night Instagram, good night Facebook, good night snap chat, good night Pinterest, good night YouTube. Zzzzzzzzz

Thankfulness: Today I am thankful for my two strong legs and excellent balance that fuels so many of my adventures. Use ’em or lose ’em.


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