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Reconstruction: Days 10 & 11

Been a weird, sickly few days. I know that I’m a hypochondriac, so my rational reactions to injury or illness are far more emotional than they should be. (So I’ve been eating a lot of chocolates and candies.) That and it’s that time of the month again. (So I’ve been eating a lot of chocolates and candies.) And I think I’m fending off a sinus infection, as I am more congested than usual.

Sadly, I strained the tendons in my foot/ankle right out of the gate last week during a terrible yoga flow. (All of my biggest sports injuries come from the sport of yoga. Another article for another time.) The good news is that the foot doctor told me it’s just a slight strain and after a couple weeks I should be perfectly fine.

That’s the bad news too. A couple weeks of limited, light exercise. Well, that’s killing my New Years buzz, resulting in a sad mood over the last few days. And it definitely sets my timeline back a few weeks or a month for my weight loss goals. Gotta shake it off, show myself some grace, and adjust my impossible expectations. Then I pick myself up, shake off the blues, and try again after I’m all healed up.

The timing is good I guess. I leave for Austin on Friday for ten days for both work and play. Catching up with family and friends while there should cheer me up and cheer me on for my return to beast-mode. Beast-mode. I want it.

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