Live to Eat Well, Exercise, Be Well in Mind and Body

Reconstruction: Days 4 & 5

I was too tired to journal last night. Happens. Well, the good news is that pile of clean clothes has now been put away. But now other chores are mounting. I’m unsure how to work full-time, exercise consistently, cook healthy food from scratch, create and maintain relationships, accomplish goals, write daily and weekly posts, run errands, fit in some occasional entertainment, sleep eight hours a night, and keep a clean house.

The struggle is real. I might have to sacrifice an hour of sleep occasionally. Or it may be that my house just stays perpetually messy for the next five months. Or forever. *Insert Grumpy Cat Face.* (I freakin’ love Grumpy Cat!)

Progress, not perfection. My new mantra. After-all, aren’t we all a beautiful mess in one way or another? Striving for perfection has brought me little joy in life. Instead, I am happy to do as well as I can with the time that I have been given, without stress or guilt, and surrender the leftovers to a gracious Creator so that he can recycle them for use on another day.

Given that progress, and not perfection, is my new MO, I am happy with my handful of successes thus far in 2017. “Cause I’m still working on my masterpiece.” Enjoy one of my favorite jams from one of my favorite divas.

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