Live to Eat Well, Exercise, Be Well in Mind and Body

Reconstruction: Days 8 & 9

A week plus into 2017 and I am feeling the weight of self-expectation on one hand and the gift of self-compassion on the other. Meaning, I am not Super Woman, but making progress towards making exercise a habit and a hobby again. I have strategically rented a locker at the gym and stashed it with clothes, toiletries, and gadgets. I walk straight from work to the gym, no visits home. It works.

As for food, it’s going okay. I have been drinking green juice and eating fruit for breakfast until noon – my not so stringent version of intermittent fasting. But I need to get better at monitoring and budgeting my calorie intake. Call me crazy, but I think I’m going to join Oprah and download the Weight Watchers app on my phone to track my food.

I have no desire to submit to a soul-killing diet regime, but I think it’s helpful to treat food like money at times, especially when there is a deficit of fat bulging from the sides of my gym shorts. (I don’t love my love handles.) And the Weight Watchers “points” system functions somewhat like currency. I’m going to give it a go, sans meetings and public weigh ins.

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