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Reconstruction: Month 2, Day 1

I just taught my first group exercise class, Barre Strong, in almost two years tonight. It went great. I love teaching group exercise and Barre Strong is my favorite class to teach. I can’t wait to build a life as a part-time group exercise instructor again.

As far as my waistline is concerned, January was a wash. Actually, I think I gained three pounds while visiting Austin. Fail. What a bizarre month – a strange mixture of terrible and wonderful. Hurt my foot on January 2nd and benched myself from heavy exercise for a few weeks. Had an amazing visit with family and friends in Austin. Ate lots of delicious food while I was there and attended the Women’s March in Austin. It was AMAZING. I felt so inspired. And then Sunday rolled around. Then the next day. And the next. And so on and so forth. This could be a really loooong four years. Most of what I feel is angry. Day after day after day. Exercise probably would have been good for me; but all I wanted was wine, food, and friends. Weird month.

I did figure a few things out for future success, however. One. I hate Weight Watchers and will never use it again. That was my conclusion after only one day. No, make that after only one meal. Granted, I still want to treat food like currency, but I’d rather use the Livestrong tracking system for food and exercise again. Also, I’ve spearheaded a wellness program at my work, and so far so great. I’d like to keep that up forever. I will blog about that more in the future.

Goodnight world. As Anne Shirley would say, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.”

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